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Extracts from an affidavit of John Failing made in pension cases February 1868
Donated by Nancy Machuga

War of 1812
Wayne County, NY  Military History

Deponent is now 76 years old, and resides in Jordan, N.Y.  Before the war and long thereafter resided in Lyons, Wayne County.  During the war deponent belonged to the militia and was a member first of Capt. Van Anker's company and then of Capt. John Peacock's company.  John Peacock lived in Lyons and was a member with his company of Col. Swift's Regt. On or about the 15th day of Sept. 1813, orders were issued to the members of the company by Col. Swift to go into service on the western frontier at Buffalo; the companies to assemble at Irondequoit at the mouth of the Genesee River.  Said company assembled on the Pre-Emption about 2 miles south of Lyons, marched to Canandaigua, where there was an arsenal, and where we were mustered into service of the U.S.  Remained there 2 days and were discharged, having served in all 5 or 6 days.

In Dec. 1813  about the 12th or 14th deponent was drafted out in Capt. Peacock's company, with many others, to go to Buffalo.  Deponent hired James Corwin to go as his substitute and he (James) served as such with Sgt. Thomas Dorsey under Captains Perrine and Burnell.

In a very few days, about Dec. 20th, the whole regiment of Col. Swift entered service again and marched to Canandaigua, thence to the Genesee River as far as where Rochester now stands....and then served 1 or 2 days again and we were discharged and marched home because word was brought that the British had crossed back into Canada after the burning of Buffalo.  All of the said companies were in the service both of these times.  The way I fix the time of our service the last time in Dec. 1813 is this: I have always recollected that we got back home the night before Christmas and from another fact that I went on Christmas Day to the wedding of Peter Van Etten who married a sister of Simon Pitcher.

John A. Failing

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